Mohr & CO

since 01.04.2023 part of Winkler AG

For over 40 years, MOHR & CO Laborhandelsgesellschaft has stood for high, technical consulting competence in the field of heating technology for industry and laboratories.

The direct, personal contact with you, our customers, and the close and trusting cooperation with our suppliers is what sets us apart. We have run our business with a lot of commitment and enthusiasm.

In order to ensure that you will continue to be served with the same motivation and the same heart and soul beyond my professionally active time, we have been looking for a suitable and promising solution for the last few years.

As a customer of MOHR & CO Laborhandelsgesellschaft mbH, we would like to inform you about an upcoming transaction.

With effect from 01.04.2023 (“effective date”), we transferred the business activities under the brand MOHR & Co to Winkler AG, Englerstraße 24, 69126 Heidelberg, represented by the board members Andreas Zenner and Markus Medek, by way of a so-called asset deal….

The services and products of MOHR & CO Laborhandelsgesellschaft mbH thus move into a well-ordered environment. Winkler AG is a leading manufacturer in the field of customised flexible electrical heating solutions and is therefore my first choice.

For you, dear customers, the message should be: it goes on! Winkler AG has appointed Mr. Waldemar Ganin, a young, dynamic and competent colleague, as my successor, who will continue the existing business relations with MOHR & CO Laborhandelsgesellschaft mbH, so that you can continue to purchase our products and services.

You can simply continue to send your future enquiries and orders to the contacts you know. Only under:

Winkler AG, Gottlieb -Daimler -Straße 2, D-69181 Leimen;

The known email addresses and telephone numbers will also remain the same.